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THE VASECTOMY FILES 19 There’s No Giving Up Now

As Ramon Suarez, president of No Scalpel Vasectomy International and Maryann Stein (Doug’s wife) summit Mt Kilimanjaro, Jonathan Stack would like you to think about this, “If humanity is the cause of the planet’s woes, what are we supposed to do?”

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THE VASECTOMY FILES 18 Confessions of a Crowd Funding Neophyte (Part 2)

Jonathan Stack recognizes that life is not easy, “but nevertheless, the blessings that come from so much life far outweigh the burdens.”

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Being Alison Stein – natural treasures

Alison Stein on the importance of conservation and the recognition of how big a contribution men can make for their children, their wives, and their environment by taking control over their reproductive ability once they are happy with the size of their families.

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Jonathan & The Vasectomist featured on WomenForOne.com

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Being Alison Stein – a minor set back…

Alison Stein, the daughter of “The Vasectomist", writes about facing some big hurdles in the lead up to the Mount Kilimanjaro climb to raise awareness about World Vasectomy Day next month.

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THE VASECTOMY FILES 17 Confessions of a Crowd Funding Neophyte

While riding the emotional roller coaster that is a crowdfunding campaign, Jonathan Stack sometimes wonders, “Why in the world did I have to open my big fat mouth and start this crazy project?”

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Introducing Alison Stein

Alison Stein, the daughter of “The Vasectomist,” Dr Doug Stein writes about the up coming Kenya mission with No Scalpel Vasectomy International and the Mount Kilimanjaro climb to raise awareness about World Vasectomy Day.

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THE VASECTOMY FILES 16 Long Live World Vasectomy Day

A guest post in support of World Vasectomy Day by Kenny Bruno, Campaign Director at Corporate Ethics International and the US Coordinator for the No Tar Sands Oil Campaign. Kenny has worked for over twenty years on the issues of toxic trade, oil, corporate accountability and environmental rights at Greenpeace, Environmental Health Fund, EarthRights International, CorpWatch, Oil Change and other groups.

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THE VASECTOMY FILES 15 World Vasectomy Day

World Vasectomy Day is a chance for men to step up and do their part for family planning.

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THE VASECTOMY FILES 14 Pain and Pleasure

This July 4th, I’m thinking about the freedom that comes with having control over one’s fertility. Something many people take for granted.

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